KSA to host conference of Muslim Scholars on Peace in Afghanistan


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Islamabad – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have completed their preparations to host the “International Conference of Muslim Scholars on Peace and Stability in the Republic of Afghanistan”, which will be hosted by the Kingdom in Jeddah and Makkah on July 26 and 27, 1439H, corresponding to 10 and 11 July 2018 respectively.

The conference, which will be attended by leaders of religious scholars in Afghanistan and a select group of Muslim scholars from around the world, is aimed at assisting efforts to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan and to condemn terrorism and violent extremism in all their forms and manifestations within the framework of the teachings of the true Islamic religion.

On this occasion, OIC Secretary-General Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen highly commended the efforts exerted by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, and the Crown Prince of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The convenience of the establishment of this important conference, which is attended by the virtues of scientists from the countries of the Islamic world.
The opening session of the conference, which will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Jeddah, will mark the inaugural addresses of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosting the conference, the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Republic of Afghanistan and the representative of the scholars.
The first plenary session will be entitled “Reconciliation in Islam: The role of scientists in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan”, in which the moderator will be Dr. Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Sudais, the head of the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque. This session is presented by Sheikh Mohamed Ismail Labib, Deputy Director of the Islamic University in Kabul.

The second plenary session will be held under the title “Islam’s Position on Terrorism and Violent Extremism,” chaired by Dr. Shawki Ibrahim Allam, Mufti of the Egyptian Diwan.
The final session of the conference, which is based on the decisions of the Islamic Summit and the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC Member States, is to be held at the Makkah Guest House, where the adoption of the Mecca Declaration on the Consolidation of Peace and Stability in Afghanistan and the closing speeches of the representative of Afghanistan and the Secretary- Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia host the conference.

Courtesy: SPA

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