Govt sincerely working to hold transparent, fair elections: Ali Zafar


APP38-25 ISLAMABAD: June 25 - Federal Minister for IBNH & LH, Syed Ali Zafar, addressing the CPNE Standing Committee Meeting. APP

ISLAMABAD, Jun 25 (APP):Minister for Information, Broadcasting, Literary Heritage and National History Barrister Syed Ali Zafar on Monday said that the caretaker government was sincerely working round the clock, to ensure holding of transparent and fair elections.
Speaking at the meeting of the Standing Committee of Editors of Council of Pakistan Newspapers here, he said the caretaker government was completely impartial, and without becoming part of blame, it was putting facts before the nation about the ministries and different sectors.
He said democracy was in danger because of economic conditions, inequality, intolerance and fake news and steps were direly needed to create economic equality.
He said their target was to end corruption and for that all facts and information would be put before the nation. The minister said it was imperative to take the media on board to run the government in a transparent manner, adding the government should be guided for improving conditions of media.
He said in order to run the government with transparency, information should be shared with public and media should be kept informed as there were reasons and facts behind every decision. Until this was done, the government could not be run in a proper manner, he noted.
Corruption would end with transparency, he said adding he had instructed everybody in the ministries under him that everything should be done with transparency. When facts would be shared with the public, experts could debate it and give solutions.
He said intolerance was increasing in society due to divisions caused by extremism. “We have to deliberate on the issues and undertake measures to reduce extremism.”
He said another danger to democracy was fake news and it was vital to verify the news before publishing and airing it. Ali Zafar asked for suggestions to the government from CPNE government on the matter of fake news.
Ali Zafar said Pakistan Television was under the control of Ministry of Information and PTV was given the mandate to give equal time to all political parties. “We are monitoring it.”
He said when debates were held on television channels, candidates did not discuss their party manifestos, economic targets and social issues.
“My suggestion is that close to election, a grand debate should be held on Pakistan Television. When people and media will get that information it will bring a real change. When everything will be told then after discussion, solutions will be found.”
He said under Article 19A, right to information was given and the caretaker government would leave behind guidelines for the next government and if those would be implementable, then it would be difficult for the elected government to ignore them.
He said in the first meeting of the cabinet, the caretaker government decided that the Election Commission would be provided all possible assistance and facilities to ensure fair, transparent, impartial and peaceful elections.
He said the caretaker government was running day-to-day affairs with transparency, adding ,”We cannot take decisions which restrains the next government. We are taking decisions which are necessary.”
Earlier, members of the Standing Committee of Editors of CPN informed the minister about different issues.


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