Magical Journey Along Karakoram

LONDON, May 30 (APP):No adventure in Pakistan is completed without a magical journey along the Karakoram Highway (KKH)–whether it is to access the endless trekking opportunities or to immerse yourself in the history and mountain cultures of the region,Travel Pak a tour operating agency in London said.
In a statement Travelpak (London) UK said that the Karakoram Highway is the High Road to Adventure.
The Tour Operating agency said that the Karakoram Highway or KKH is a 1300km highway that rips through some of the most inhospitable mountain terrains on the planet. And it is not just any old mountains that it passes but the three largest ranges in the world: the Himalaya, the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush. And with that on your doorstep, one is guaranteed adventure by the bucket-load.
“Only a day’s drive north from Islamabad and you are at the starting point for the scenic paradise known as Fairy Meadows, a 3300m high grassland and hamlet. It got its name from early German climbers who initially described the expanse as ‘fairy tale meadows’ but the name has since stuck”, the statement said.
The Travelpak UK explained that the three-hour trek in alpine meadow is stunning enough but it is when you get to Fairy Meadows that you can really appreciate the magical surroundings as you are facing the glory of Nanga Parbat. At 8125m, it is the 9th highest peak in the world. Relax for a few days and soak it all up or enjoy many of the day walks available, it suggested.
The Tour Operating Agency said that returning back to the KKH and head further north, past Gilgit to more untold delights as you reach the Hunza Valley where the views are dominated by the mesmerizing beauty of Rakaposhi (7788m).
“At the heart of the valley is Karimabad, with its many tasteful hotels, shops and the majestic forts at Baltit and Altit. It is the place to stay and use as a base to explore the valley. As with Fairy Meadows, there are many day walks or longer treks where one can lose themselves in the peace and calm that the surroundings provide.”, the statement said.
It said that another hour north and you pass the stunning Attabad Lake and end up in Passu where one can see the spectacular Cathedral Peaks with their jagged peaks so typical of the Karakoram.
And if you are still thirsty for adventure then why not take some mountain bikes all the way to the Chinese border. At 4700m, it is a magnificent place to freewheel down from!
The Travel Pak (London) UK suggested that the best time to visit the north of Pakistan via the KKH is from June through to September but give yourself a minimum of ten days to get the most out of it.

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