Textile Exports Surge 8.13 % In 10 Months


ISLAMABAD, May 22 (APP): The exports in textile and clothing group recorded an increase of 8.13 percent during first 10 months of the current fiscal year (July-April) 2017-18 as compared to same period of last year.

The textile group’s exports from the country jumped to 11.13 billion during July-April (2017-18) against the exports worth of $10.3 billion during July-January (2016-17), according to the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).
The products that contributed in positive growth in external trade included raw cotton, the exports of which grew by 31.97 percent by going up from $42.866 million last year to $56.57 million during the current fiscal year.
Similarly, knitwear increased from $1.9 billion to $2.2 billion, showing growth of 14.55 percent while the exports of yarn (other than cotton yarn) increased from $19.812 million to $26.488 million, an increase of 33.7 percent.
During the period under review, bedwear exports from the country increased by 4.77 percent, from $1.77 billion to $1.8 billion while the towels’ exports increased by 0.52 percent from $664.3 million to $667.775 million.
The export of ready made garments increased by 11.96 percent by growing from $1.8 billion to $2.12 billion while the exports of art, silk and synthetic textile increased by 83.09 percent, from $138.723 million to $253.98 million.
During the period under review, the exports of made up articles (excluding towels and bedwear) also increased by 7.29 percent, from $532.224 million to $571.037 million.
The export of cotton cloth also recorded an increase of 1.12 percent as it increased to $1.82 billion in July-April 2017-18 from $1.8 billion in same period of past year, while cotton yarn recorded an increase of 7.2 percent to $1.04 billion to $1.117 billion .
Meanwhile, the textile products that witnessed negative growth in trade included cotton carded or combed, the exports of which declined by 97.8 percent, from $0.235 million to $5000 while the exports of tents, canvas and tarpulin decreased by 39.72 percent from $119 million to $72 million, the PBS data revealed.
On yearly basis textile exports also surged by 12.07 per cent in April 2018 compared to the exports a year ago. During April 2018, the textile exports recorded $1.148 billion compared to the exports worth of $1.02 billion in April 2017.
On month-on-month basis, textile exports, however witnessed a decline of 4.49 percent as the exports during March 2018 were recorded at $1.202 billion.

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