Democratic system continuity, a precursor to strengthening foundation of democracy: Rabbani



ISLAMABAD, Jan 24 (APP): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has observed that continuity of the

democratic system is a precursor to strengthening the foundation of democracy in

the country.

In an exclusive interaction with senior journalists, columnists, anchorpersons

and analysts at the Parliament House here he said it is, therefore, highly

important to provide a chance for smooth transfer of powers from one civilian

government to another in a peaceful and democratic manner to give democracy a

chance to flourish.

He opined that strong resilience and support on the part of parliament, people and

political stakeholders would help avert derailment of democratic system, said a

press release issued here Wednesday.

While answering questions, Chairman Senate observed that the young generation

needs to be given the realization that democracy was never a bed of roses and it was

due to the continuous struggle of the civil society, labor class and political

workers that upheld democracy and were subjected to brutalities in the shape of

imprisonments, death by hangings and lashes.

He however, emphasized that efforts and struggle for continuity of the democratic

system also must be preserved.

Regarding philosophy behind establishing Senate Museum, the Senate Chairman said

that in addition to the previous initiatives of Gali-e-Dastoor and Monument of Unsung

Heroes of Democracy, the Museum would further help in creation of awareness

among the masses for democratic struggle.

He said that Senate has its own history and it is highly imperative for any society or

institution to know its history to progress and prosper.

He, however, pointed out that institutions can’t live and grow without their


He further said that our democratic process is passing through a transitionary

phase but the continuity of the system is a panacea to all the ills that democracy is


The Chairman Senate later accompanied the senior journalists briefed them

about various dioramas of the Museum.


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