Dams vital for Survival

The water crisis facing Pakistan will inundate every other crisis. The water statics are very alarming and scaring. The obsession with politics has blinded the …


US containing China ??

Is the US moving towards adopting an aggressive containment strategy against China? The US seems to be perplexed and more motivated and active in containing …


Indian Ocean – new global trade routes

The Chinese policy of investing more than a trillion dollars and developing trade routes along the Indian Ocean countries will usher a positive change in the …


Milan- Indian Navy’s foreign agenda

The Indian Ocean is heating up gradually with more navies plying in the region and vying with each other to create their spheres of influence. The Indian Ocean …


Climate Change Threats

Pakistan happens to be among the top ten countries that would be worst affected by the ravages of climate change in the coming decades. Catastrophic floods …


US hegemony melting in the region

Despite being the biggest money spender on defense the US is losing its hegemonic hold worldwide due to its irrational militaristic interference. The Middle …