Prisoners of Lines

  By Tahir Mehmood Shardi and Nardi, two mountain peaks, two enslaved fairies, are an integral part of the beautiful town of Sharda. Centuries ago they …


Voice of the soul

Tahir Mehmood The parting moments were unexplainable to both of them. They were sipping coffee, gazing around, and occasionally talking. It was a cold dark …


Govt promoting Gilgit-Baltistan Cap Day

 By Sultan Shoaib. GILGIT  (APP): The cultural heritage of an area plays an important role in highlighting the traditions of that place and this can be very …


Daman-E Koh – The Heart Of Islamabad

By Zoya Khan ISLAMABAD (APP): Daman-i-Koh, located in the foothills of Margalla Hills some 2400 feet above the sea level, offers a thrilling bird’s eye view …